Recent Federal Law Updates

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Recent Federal Law Updates

There are many changes to take note of regarding employment law at the federal level. An FLSA update provides a decision on the tip-sharing discussion, HSA contribution limits are slightly increased, and the 2018 W4 form is released. 

The FLSA Amendments to Tip Sharing Provisions prohibits employers from keeping tips received by employees for any purpose. Any violation of these protections are liable to the affected employee(s). 

Mid-March it was announced that E-Verify and E-Verify Services would be unavailable and are “still in the works”. Regardless, all regular employment eligibility verification timelines remain applicable. 

The IRS announced updated limits on deductions for individuals and families covered under a high deductible health plan at the beginning of March. 

At the end of February, the IRS updated and released the Withholding Calculator and W-4 form. The new form reflects updates from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which made changes to the law that altered the tax rates and brackets. 

If you have tipped employees, plan on hiring new employees or offer a health plan, it will be important to take note and review changes so you can plan accordingly.