Small Business and Payroll Services

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Small Business and Payroll Services

Local and national payroll companies have one thing in common with your small business – they both can and want to service your needs. It’s a win-win, right? Not necessarily.

As a small business, there are considerations you must take in to account as you begin, scale, and accelerate your business. This requires great flexibility from your payroll service provider, and dedication to ensure you are implementing and executing best business practices.

Over the past few years, we’ve listened to small business owners that have transitioned from a large national payroll service provider to local provider, and here are the top three reasons why they took the leap to local.

Customer Service

The most common feedback received is that the national provider is unable, or unwilling, to provide personalized service with a dedicated professional. Oftentimes, this translates into poor customer service. The matter of customer service’s adequacy is subjective, so it’s very important for a small business to evaluate the type of customer service they require.

From the start-up phase throughout the life of the company, your business needs will vary and may change frequently. Though national providers offer an abundant menu of bundled options, they are commonly less flexible, if at all, in working with the small business’s unique and varying needs. Inflexibility and the lack of personalized assistance can lead to compliance issues, outdated payroll practices, or lack of knowledge in emerging technology or industry standards. All are essential components for a small business to profitably operate.


The second most unfavorable complaint known is that there is a lack of urgency, or sense of caring, when oversights occur. Make no mistake about mistakes – we all make them, but it’s more important about how the communication is managed, and how the situation is resolved.

Because there aren’t typically dedicated specialists assigned to accounts, it can take a myriad of phone calls and navigating troublesome phone systems to reach a representative. When you finally reach them, they may need to transfer you to someone with more authority to offer you a solution. By working with a local firm, you are able to reach your specialist directly and they have the flexibility to assist you with your needs. Your specialist will also be familiar with your business, so the time spent resolving any error(s) can be dramatically reduced.


Offering a host of options for services in a singular package sounds great up front, until you need to modify the agreement. The options can be inflexible, challenging to exit once you’ve signed on the dotted line, and potentially expensive. Hidden fees coupled with transparent fees can add up quickly with a simple change request.

Small business’ needs will change frequently as they grow and scale. Working with your local payroll provider allows for flexibility and unique tailoring to allow for changes when they are required.

The bottom line is an essential focus for business owners and employers. Change is the only constant and therefore it needs to be as easy and strategic as possible. Customer service is key in aiding with accuracy and change requests. You cannot have one without the other. Your local payroll service provider will do more than service your company, they will become your trusted advisor and have what’s best in mind for your organization.