Valentine's Day Campaigns Any Company Can Use

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Valentine's Day Campaigns Any Company Can Use

February is the month of love. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, you can always use holidays to your marketing advantage to introduce more people to your business.


Email is a powerful platform, especially if your database is fully loaded! By utilizing email, your company can offer vouchers or coupons, send a heart-felt or love-themed email, or offer a variety of date night/V-day ideas. When you use email marketing, you set the stage to boost your audience, traffic, and profitability.

Public Relations

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to support philanthropic efforts and attract positive, emotionally tying PR. Donating either time or money to a charitable event in the name of love are both great ways to introduce your audience to your company culture and to support a great cause. If you sell tangible products, you can also promote a V-day special where a percentage of the proceeds for the day or night go to a charity of your choice inside, or outside of the community.

Couples Contests

Holding contests where couples compete against other is an exhilarating way to drive traffic to your store, encourage participation, and mix up the holiday with fun and bonding. This will also create a tie between your store and the good memories/feelings of the guests. You can also offer prizes and incentives to bring them back to build your brand!

Social Media

Social Media is powerful for holidays and special events. Take a little time to create Valentine’s day themed posts, fun drivers for a giveaway based on sharing, tagging and liking, and openly demonstrate how your office “shares the love” on Valentine’s day.

Be creative, fun, and bring out the love your business wants to share!