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One of the most important aspects of a business professional’s portfolio, besides their educational pedigree and where they have worked, is if they have volunteered their time for a cause or organization. To give your time, talent, strength and energy to help sustain something besides yourself, goes to the core of true humanness. It breaks away from any notion of self-centeredness and puts you to the forefront of being a giver.

One of our most precious commodities today is time. We never seem to have enough of it, so to offer it unconditionally to help someone or something reach their goals is truly most appreciated and respected.

From a professional point of view, you can volunteer in many ways:

  • Serve on a Board of Directors.
  • Step up at your local Chamber of Commerce to volunteer for charity events they support, or offer to be an ambassador and help with events at the Chamber.
  • Volunteer for a non-profit to be a mentor for the people that benefit from the organization.
  • Volunteer to be a speaker on a subject you are versed in to help teach others.
  • Volunteer to do something different than what you normally do on a day-to-day basis to broaden your skill set.
  • Help with a political group.
  • Be a mentor to another business professional to help them achieve their goals.
  • Create a fund drive within your company to help support a non-profit. This will engage others that work with you and create a sense of teamwork too.

Volunteering demonstrates your engagement in the community and will also help you to build networking opportunities, and even business opportunities that will come inadvertently. Volunteering brings great self-satisfaction, will open you to new ideas, allow you to meet many different people from all walks of life, and most importantly will help to build your personal and professional acumen.