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In the business world, your relationship with time can really make a statement about who you are, what your company represents, and is a reflection on the relationship with your company. Being punctual or even early shows that you are a professional who takes business seriously and strives to create a healthy interaction with whomever you interact with.

Punctuality and more importantly, arriving early, is also a good strategy for attending networking events. Arrive early to reap the benefits of being less stressed if you are running late, getting your networking face on, score a better parking space, and have a moment to introduce yourself to the people hosting the event who will likely in turn have time to introduce you to other professionals arriving at the event.

Those who are punctual make the statement that they’re realistic and know that things happen, bumps in the road exist, and that preparedness is a trait that should be embraced. Possessing strong time management skills aids in organization and productivity. This gives you added time to prepare. Beat traffic, arrive at your destination, and be ready to work, present, or converse in your meeting. Don’t be the person who has to call and make your party wait. It won’t help you gain Brownie points and can ultimately cost you respect.

By being punctual (or early) adds to your credibility. If you make that great first impression that you are trustworthy, it also makes what you have to say at the meeting more credible and real.

Don’t lose the sale, interview, contact, or whatever it is you’re gunning for by being late. Be punctual and be early. Set yourself up for success and make yourself and/or the company you’re representing look good.