Why is Supporting Small Business So Important?

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Why is Supporting Small Business So Important?

Small business is the backbone of America and represents 99.7% of all employer firms. Now, that’s a noticeable contribution! Small business offers much to the US and are celebrated on both National Small Business Week, and Small Business Saturday.

See the benefits that small businesses provide and why they are important to our economic status:

Small businesses aren’t limited to keeping it small! A business owner’s choice to grow and expand can help reduce their pricing through economies of scale while still fueling jobs and capital to the local community.

Operating smaller can give businesses more flexibility when deciding to make changes, or adapt to fluctuations in the market segment, or industry. By employing a modest employee count, and smaller national or global reach, small businesses can pivot easier than some of the enterprise sized competitors – who would need to implement changes slower, and perhaps with increased caution.

Local Economies
Supporting your local business community is supporting your friends, family and others around you. Additionally, each local community thrives, and is rewarded the ability to improve its infrastructure, supply jobs, and sustain a satisfactory work/life balance.

Small businesses offer a multitude of benefits to your local economy and when presented with the option to support small business, be mindful that you’re helping keep America strong economically.