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Raise your hand high if you are a business owner that likes to do your own payroll. Anyone? It can be time intensive, overwhelming, and administrative task-heavy. With the exception of Payroll Vault, because we LOVE payroll, few are likely to say that they enjoy processing payroll for their company over actually running their business. So why are you still doing payroll in house? It’s time to outsource your payroll and get back to your business.

Consider a few of the benefits:


You get more time for you and your business – think work/life balance. Take administrative tasks, time collection, and payroll processing duties off your plate and get to what’s most important – your business.


Are you a payroll expert? Let’s be honest, probably not. If you are making mistakes, or payroll took you a little longer this pay period, it’s likely your employees are getting incorrect or late paychecks and aren’t happy that the boss is cutting the checks. Why not outsource your payroll to ensure your employees are paid on time and are happy.


As someone who isn’t a payroll expert, you may not be 100% clear on all of the regulations and government compliance checks that are in place and constantly changing. By placing your payroll in an expert’s hands, you’re gaining peace of mind that you’ll always be in compliance and no longer have to worry about facing hefty fines for non-compliance mistakes.


Questions arise with everything, and certainly with payroll, especially if you are on “do-it-yourself-mode”. Know that there is a difference when you do choose to outsource your payroll. With other payroll companies there can be many frustrations involved like trying to get ahold of someone on the phone – you might find your time being spent on a phone tree or on hold for long periods of time, your payroll is being processed in foreign countries, and when you receive support it can be lackluster or incredibly unhelpful. At Payroll Vault, we offer you a Dedicated Payroll Specialist who is assigned to you and knows your account inside and out. We take pride in our client service and know each of our clients by name; you are never referred to by a number.

By taking payroll off your plate, you can focus on your business and spend more time growing your company.