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Working remotely/virtually from either a home office, temporary office, or somewhere outside of your place of business can sound very appealing. You have plenty of time to get work done without distractions from your fellow coworkers, no constant hovering from superiors, and if you feel like it, you can grab your laptop and take off to someplace else- you’re free! But is this particular work style environment fit for everyone?

  • Make sure you have an appropriate work area.

    Does your work area suit your work habits? Is it conducive to your productivity? Is it comfortable? Do you have everything you need to effectively complete your tasks and duties?

  • Be free from distraction.

    Reducing or eliminating distraction can play a big part in working remotely. If you’re going to put your laundry in, take care of some lawn work, and put off work that needs to be done; you’re being productive, but not for what you’re getting paid for.

  • Evaluate your work ethic.

    Knowing what kind of work ethic you have is really what you need to determine before you take the plunge into working remotely. Evaluate carefully to make sure you’re set up for success.

  • Effectively and accurately measure progress.

    Be sure to put a proper plan in place to help you measure and manage where you’re at on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This should be followed so you can stay on track and reach deadlines and/or goals.

  • Evaluate network, security, and equipment.

    Did your employer set up your network with the appropriate security? Did they provide the VPN and equipment? Small businesses may not realize they are vulnerable to attacks and/or may not have the knowledge of what they need security-wise.

Like with most things, there are pros and cons to working remotely. Depending on your work-style and what effectively works for you and your environment, working remotely could be a great fit if your employer allows it.