World Environment Day

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World Environment Day

World Environment Day was established in 1974 and is operated by the United Nations Environment Program. This worldwide day of recognition has grown to become a global platform that is celebrated in over 100 countries. Annually, the theme and host changes and is observed each year on June 5th to raise global awareness to protect our great planet and nature – which also encompasses wildlife efforts; 2017’s host is Canada.

Also, called Eco Day and Environment Day, 2017’s theme is ‘Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator’. We are urged to get outdoors and into nature so we can better recognize not only its beauty, but its importance.

You are invited to think about how interdependent we are with nature and the environment as a whole, and challenged to find fun and exciting ways to experience this vital relationship with family, friends, and colleagues. Did you know that some of our favorite foods are on the verge of extinction?

Naturally, there are steps we can take daily to preserve our land such as recycling, minimizing waste, and being mindful of our overall footprint. Where there is a will, there is a way! If you get real serious, you can jump onboard with the process of creating a Green Economy in your local community and city. Denver has already implemented some of this building and utilizing electric trains, bicycle stations placed strategically throughout the city, and the growing sales of electric cars.

There is so much we can do individually, as small businesses, and as a community. This year, show us what you are going to do to recognize and celebrate World Environment Day by posting your pictures to our social media sites to share with our community. We would look forward to hearing from you!