Payroll Vault can help you with an efficient and innovative workforce management system to help with your business’s payroll and workforce services. Our cloud-based Payroll Vault Timekeeper is an electronic time and attendance solution, perfect for any sized business. With the convenience of a web-based portal, along with the familiarity of a conventional time clock, collecting your employees’ data has never been easier. Our payroll professionals designed the Payroll Vault Timekeeper with everyday people in mind, using intuitive technology that is simple to navigate and use on a daily basis.

Timekeeping Processes Made Easypayroll vault timekeeper

Our professionals are dedicated to providing clients with the best in workforce technology and payroll solutions. The Payroll Vault Timekeeper is the leading time and attendance solution for small-to-large business owners, and can greatly improve the day-to-day operations of your company. Consider the ease of the timekeeping process when:

  • Employee punches are collected by time clocks
  • Punches are sent to the web (in real time or nightly)
  • Supervisors can edit data online
  • Data is approved and sent for payroll processing

When you integrate the Payroll Vault Timekeeper into your business, you’ll have critical workforce management tools at your fingertips 24/7. Many of our clients notice significant cost and time saving opportunities when they can:

  • Control and reduce labor costs
  • Streamline your payroll process end to end
  • Stay compliant with the Department of Labor
  • Eliminate estimated punch times
  • Minimize payroll errors and reduce data collection time
  • Enjoy the convenience of our WebClock Portal and Employee Status Utility app for iPhone