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Labor posters are required by law. All businesses that employee at least one employee are required to display current posters that explain federal and state law as it pertains to employees. And this is one area where you don’t want to be non-compliant because it can result in hefty fines. So, you know you need them, now, what are your options?

Make it easy on yourself by working with a vendor that can provide you with the most current posters—and preferably one that offers a subscription service. A subscription will ensure that you receive updated posters automatically as laws change. There are several options available. The market supports many resellers and wholesalers that can provide your business with labor law posters. Start by contacting your local payroll company to find out about the best options.
Other Key Information…

Do labor laws change?
Yes—Because there are three separate entities consistently making changes to labor law (State, Federal, and OSHA), it’s best to work with a vendor that specializes in maintaining the most current law information. Don’t settle for using posters you’ve had lying around for a while, invest in current materials.

Do I have to display labor law posters?
Yes—Failure to display current labor law posters can range in fines of up to $17,000. Not only can failure-to-display fines be imposed, but if you’re not following the regulations within posters, you can be fined additional amounts.

Stay in compliance; get your updated labor law posters today. Again, your local payroll company is the best source for vendor information.